Monday, January 28, 2013

At home skincare

Today is mask day. A very much needed mud mask indeed. Mud masks help improve our complexion and skin tone while giving moisture to the skin. I love removing it and seeing my skin looks brand new. This is my go to type mask when i need a picker upper! Our at home skin care is vital to keeping those ugly blemishes away. Exfoliating weekly and having a facial done at least once a month is very beneficial yet what is most important is keeping those results by practicing good follow up care at home. Trying a mask weekly can help tremendously!


  1. I love mud masks! Last time I got one was in Aesthetic school. What type of mask do you suggest for weekly usage, and where can I buy it? :)

  2. They're amazing!! Yes i loved being in school getting pampered and having all those nice treatments done:) Origins has a great clay mask called clear improvement for $16. Using it weekly is perfect to keep those pores unclogged! Check it out!